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Herbert Steinschneider


Phil Steinschneider

Welcome to the Steinschneider Home Page
(A website dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of our genealogy.)

Family News in 2007:

12/8/2007 A few days ago I was contacted by Ira Cohen, who provided updated information for the Sam Steinschneider outline report. Thank you for this data.

Also, the Sam Steinschneider outline report has been included under the Czech Republic/Austria grouping on the reports page, as information has come to light identifying Sam's birthplace as Austria and not Poland as previously believed. His wife Dora Auerbach was born in Tarnapol, Poland, however. Both passed away in Brooklyn, New York.

12/2/2007 Thanks to a message from Anthony Kay in England, birth years have been updated and individuals added to the Aaron Steinschneider outline report, which has now become the Daniel Steinschneider outline report. Aaron's father was identified to be Daniel during earlier research, so this has added one ancestral level to the outline.

It is now my firm belief that Daniel and Gabriel were very likely brothers. I will need additional data to confirm this, but I have already consolidated these families in the software I use to track these things. Several anecdotal pieces of information I have stumbled upon over the years seem to link Gabriel and Daniel together.

Gabriel was a rabbi. Is it possible Daniel was one as well?

Letters exist that show Moritz Steinschneider (1816 - 1907) corresponding with Daniel Prostiz Steinschneider in Pressburg. The Daniel Prostiz dates (1759 - 1843) make him too young to be Aaron Steinschneider's father, however. Young Moritz would have been writing to a much older Daniel. Both men lived extremely long lives for their day—Daniel (84) and Moritz (91).

11/25/2007 An email from Danielle Feigenbaum led to an update of the Gabriel Steinschneider outline report. Thank you, Danielle, for the information.

The Moritz Steinschneider commemoration outlined below went extremely well. Those Steinschneider descendants who attended were acknowledged as family members.

Although I (Phil Steinschneider) could not be there, cousin Jochen (Hans-Joachim Goldschmidt) gave my best wishes to the family that was there. Thank you for that.

Jochen is currently in an interesting battle with the Polish government over previously-seized Goldschmidt property. Full details can be found here:


A German-to-English version (via Google Language Tools) can be read here:

10/15/2007 Thanks to a recent email from Danielle Feigenbaum, the daughter of Marie-Louise Steinschneider and great-granddaughter of Moritz Steinschneider (1816 - 1907), we have been notified of the upcoming commemoration: Moritz Steinschneider (1816 - 1907) – A Centennial Conference: Bibliography and the Study of Cultural Transfer. More about this November 20 thru 22, 2007 event in Berlin, Germany can be found here:


08/15/2007 It is with deep sadness that we belatedly announce the passing of Frank J. Stone on February 17, 2005. He will be greatly missed by his loving family. Frank’s daughter, Linda Rodriguez, expressed her feelings in his way: “Oh my gosh, the end of an era, and a constant vacuum in my heart. It seems like a legend has left us. His life was a constant struggle, and his dedication to his children was fierce.  I remain humbled.” May Frank rest in peace.

08/05/2007 A few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to discover that an email had arrived from Amy Orons, a descendant of  Elsie Steinschneider. I have added the new information she provided in the Sam Steinschneider outline report.

If anyone notices death years for certain individuals do not exist but should, please send them to me at phil@steinschneider.com so the Steinschneider genealogical records can be updated.

05/29/2007 I was contacted by a former business partner of Tom Stonier's who has lost touch with his widow Judith. I tried to contact Eric, Jessica, and Jeff, but all of the addresses I had bounced back. Please email me at phil@steinschneider.com in order that I may forward you this email.

05/10/2007 On April 30, Assaf Steinschneider and I met for lunch while he was at a science convention in the Washington, DC area. This was the first time I had seen a Steinschneider to whom I knew my exact relationship outside of the immediate family. It was a wonderful meeting during which I believe we felt a strong family connection. I look forward to seeing him again whenever he comes to the area.

01/27/2007 Thanks to Dorothy Obstfeld (nee Schwab), we have received additional information on the Aaron Steinschneider (Pilsen Lineage) family tree. Please see the outline report for the updated data.

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