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Dina Mandelbaum  

Dina Mandelbaum
Happy 85th Birthday

All of the Steinschneiders and related families would like to congratulate Dina Mandelbaum on her 85th birthday (on October 22nd). She is the eldest member of the Russian Steinschneiders, who make up the Ukraine “dynasty” in our genealogy.

Dina was born in Cherson--a major city in southern Ukraine. She continues to be the keeper of the family history. It was her ancestors, according to official documents, who made up part of the large Jewish migration that left Byelorussia and Poland in the middle of the 19th century. It was probably men like her great-grandfather Moisey Steinschneider and his father Abraham who were some of the immigrants who colonized southern Ukraine and helped make it the culturally rich area we know today.

Moisey’s children were already well-to-do merchants who insisted on providing their children with advanced education. Dina’s mother Elisaveta Steinschneider studied in Switzerland and became a doctor; something quite unusual for a woman of her day.

Dina was born on the 22nd of October 1917, well into the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution that changed the lives of everyone in Russia. She spent her youth and childhood in Cherson. Later, she graduated from Char’kov University with a chemistry degree. She then went on to receive a doctorate in Moscow and specialized in inorganic artificial fibers.

The rest of her family relocated to Moscow shortly before World War II and stayed there until their repatriation to Israel in 1991.

Although already quite advanced in years, Dina went through the repatriation process with courage and dignity. Today she lives in Beit-Shemesh, a small town near Jerusalem with her sister’s family. Dina is still very lively and regularly participates in many activities.

We all take this opportunity to wish Dina a very happy birthday and continued health. May her charm and kindness serve as an inspiration to us all.